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The Wesfarmers Business Development team provides strategic and investment research, analysis and recommendations to senior executives and the Board. The team is an integral part of Wesfarmers’ financial, strategic and commercial decision-making process for the Wesfarmers’ Group and Divisions.

Graduates who join our Business Development team apply and develop their skills on a diverse range of investment and strategic projects, including mergers, acquisitions, divestments, capital structure considerations, major capital investments and strategic decisions for the Wesfarmers’ divisions. Working as a Graduate Analyst on these projects, you will be encouraged to contribute to strategic thinking as well as providing in-depth research and analysis.

We place an emphasis on learning whilst working on live projects with experienced team members, as well as providing relevant training and professional development, which will ensure that you are challenged and supported while developing as a future leader.

The Business Development team has a long track record of developing future leaders of the business including the current Group Managing Director and Chief Financial Officer. Team members at all levels will have the opportunity to consider divisional placement roles across multiple industries and functions from short term secondment to permanent positions.