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FMAA at The University of New South Wales recruits students for our sub-committee during O-Week and the first 3-4 weeks of Trimesters 1 and 3 each year. A link to the online nomination form has been posted and will be advertised to all first-year commerce students via lecture and online announcements. For more information, please email [email protected].

To apply for our sub-committee, click here by Sunday 6th of March at 11:59 PM.


To become an FMAA member, click the button below to sign up and pay online.



Are you a first year student looking for a jump start into uni and your career? Check out FMAA UNSW’s 2021 First Year Guide below:

FMAA UNSW first-yr-guide


Fiona Chen
Barry Zheng
Vice President (Operations)
Huzaifa Kakakhail
Vice President (Sponsorship)
Felicity Chan
Jessica Mackay
Bronson Sutton
Events Director
Valentino Breckenridge
Events Director
Catherine Wang
Marketing Director
Angela Ye
Marketing Director
Riya Minocha
Publications/IT Director
Matthew Choi
Competitions Director
Maria Xu
Sponsorship Director
David Goh
Sponsorship Director
Kenuka Wijayatunga
Sponsorship Director
Nikkie Wang
Sponsorship Director
Jerry Li
Sponsorship Director
Aaron Yuan
Sponsorship Director
Akshayan Nirmalarajan
Sponsorship Director
Xavier Crowley
Sponsorship Director