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FMAA Monash will formally begin Sub-Committee Recruitment in early March. For any enquiries or questions, please feel free to email us at [email protected] or on our Facebook page.


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Harry Cooper
President (Clayton)
Dylan Shipperd
President (Caulfield)
Zachary Dempsey
Vice President (Sponsorship)
Lorenzo Venturi
Vice President (Operations)
Chloe Satchwell
Joshua Lo
Treasurer (Clayton)
Adam Van der Hock
Treasurer (Caulfield)
Rhea Kumar
Events Director (Clayton)
Samiksha Jain
Events Director (Caulfield)
Lidia Solomon
Marketing Director
Kya Austin
Marketing Director
Sean Bastians
IT Director
Campbell Wansbrough
Publications Director
Daniel Zhang
People & Culture Director
Nancy Chenh
Alumni Director
Nicole To
Diversity Director
Edward Stents
Sponsorship Director
Ella Stoiner-Watson
Sponsorship Director
Sheil Bhatia
Sponsorship Director
Louis Tran
Sponsorship Director
Jade Hameister
Sponsorship Director
Vincent Nguyen
Sponsorship Director
Catrina Yao
Sponsorship Director
Katherine Mai
Sponsorship Director
Jack Geason
Sponsorship Director