Board of Directors


Whilst our operations are driven and managed by students, we are overseen by a National Board of Directors. The National Board of Directors is comprised of distinguished members in the business community, academics, the National Affairs Director and the President of each state. Although not involved in the operational aspects of the association in each state, the National Board of Directors provides immense guidance, support, and ensures the stability and accountability of the association.

• Joint Managing Director and Co-Owner, Hamton Property Group
• Former Managing Director, Viacom Australia
• Finance and Law positions at Macquarie Bank and Freehills
• Founding President, FMAA (1990)
Paul Hameister OAM

• Director, AIA Australia Limited
• Deputy Chairman, The Myer Family Investments Pty Ltd
• Chairman, Royal Children’s Hospital Foundation
• Former Managing Director, Oceania Capital Partners
• Former CEO, Publishing and Broadcasting Limited (PBL)
• Finance and Consulting positions at Macquarie Bank, Morgan Stanley and Booz Allen Hamilton

Peter Yates AM
• Founder & Managing Director at Strategic Global Advisory
• Past President, FMAA Melbourne
• Bachelor of Commerce/ Bachelor of Information Systems and Masters in Organisational Leadership, The University of Melbourne
Michelle Di Fabio
Company Secretary

• Professor of Finance, The University of Melbourne
• Research Director, Australian Centre for Financial Studies
• Member, Australian Competition Tribunal
• Director, SIRCA Pty Ltd

Professor Kevin Davis
• Professor of Finance, UQ Business School, The University of Queensland
• Director, UQ Business School Corporate Valuation Centre, The University of Queensland
Professor Stephen Gray
• Lecturer of Finance, The University of Sydney
• Director of Honours, Business School, The University of Sydney (2013-2015)
• Board, Rowing NSW
• Former analyst positions with Rismark International, van Eyk Research, and the ASX
Danika Wright

• Professor of Finance, Monash University

Professor Christine Brown
• Professor of Finance, UNSW Business School
• Economic Consultant, Australian Securities and Investments Commission
Professor Carole Comerton-Forde
• Vice President, Macquarie Group
Matthew Miller
• Asset Management Sponsorship Director (2020)
• Subcommittee (2019)
Oliver McLeish
National Affairs Director
• Financial Services Sponsorship Director (2020)
• Subcommittee (2019)
Karmil Nguyen
FMAA Melbourne President
• Sponsorship Director (2020)
• Subcommittee (2019)
Christopher Portway
FMAA Queensland President
• Vice-President Sponsorship (2020)
• Events Director (2019)
• Subcommittee (2018)
Harry Cooper
FMAA Monash Co-President
• Vice-President Operations (2020)
• Subcommittee (2019)
Dylan Shipperd
FMAA Monash Co-President
• Events Director (2020)
• Secretary (2019)
Hansika Muthukuda
FMAA Sydney President
• Events Director (2020)
Lavan Chelliah
FMAA UNSW President