McKinsey & Company

Who are we and why McKinsey?

We partner with local leaders in the corporate, public, and social sectors on opportunities for growth and transformation, to build new businesses and to strengthen existing institutions. We serve our clients across the spectrum, from trusted advisor to top management to hands-on coach for front line employees  enabling technology and building capabilities at every level of the organisation. We are ambitious in helping our clients to realise economic and social benefits for all citizens in our community.

By joining McKinsey, you’ll work with interesting colleagues, be part of a fast-growing firm, participate in meaningful work, and strengthen the skills you need to launch your career at McKinsey and beyond.


Who do we look for?

Our undergraduates join us from many backgroundsthere is no single right major or course of study. Our people do share some common qualities including excellent academic performance, leadership abilities, and experience working on or off campus. We look for strong problem solvers with potentialwe will teach you the rest.


What roles are available?

Undergraduates typically join as business analysts as an integral part of our client service teams. Some stay for two or three years before attending a graduate school or leaving for further work experience; some stay on and move directly into a postgraduate school role.


How will you grow?

In your first two years or more, youll work in many industries and functions unless you’ve accepted a more specifically focused role. Youll build business knowledge and perhaps find a field youre inspired to pursue more deeply. You will likely have the opportunity to travel and will definitely work with talented people from different cultures and backgrounds. We invest heavily in support and trainingmore than $100 million per yearfor all firm members. Programs run the gamut from our proprietary e-learning to office or practice-based sessions to our formal global training curriculum. Coaching and mentorship is an integral part of your development at McKinsey; peers will give you feedback and partners will help you grow and plan the next several years of your career.


What comes next?

Whether you decide to stay with McKinsey for two years or 20 years, a role at McKinsey is a springboard for your career.

You will strengthen your skillsand find new ones. You will develop exceptional problem-solving, communication, and analytical skills. You will use your interests and skills to have real influencetypically quite early in your careerand to solve the problems no one else can solve.

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