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At Fidelity International, we apply intelligent insight to everything we do. Whether it’s picking stocks for a fund or selecting the next generation of graduate recruits, we choose on the basis of individual merit. We set out to make long-term investments, so we delve deep.

We look beyond financial results by talking to customers, suppliers and company management. In graduates, we look beyond paper qualifications to uncover people with integrity, tenacity and entrepreneurial flair.

You’re here to play a part in our long-term success.

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Important Facts and Figures

  • Fidelity International employs over 6,500 people in 24 countries.
  • We have assets of US$258.4 billion* under management.
  • Our Tokyo office, opened in 1969, was Fidelity’s first office in the international market.
  • Our approach is consistently recognised in industry awards. Fidelity Australia and Japan were both named The Best Asset Management Company at the Asset Triple A Investor and Fund Management Awards, 2013.
  • We also won over 80 fund awards at the 2014 Lipper Fund Awards ceremonies across Europe and Asia Pacific.
  • We have one of the largest global research capabilities with over 400 investment professionals around the world.
  • Our portfolio managers and analysts attend more than 17,000 company meetings a year – or one every 10 minutes on average.
  • We are committed to proprietary research, with 90% of our research produced in-house.
  • Our analysts carry out their research on the ground – visiting the shop floor, speaking to customers, competitors, suppliers, and independent experts to form conviction.


Equity Research Internship Program

Over 12 weeks, you’ll learn how our Equity Research Analysts gather the data they need to advise our Portfolio Managers on which stocks to buy or sell from their funds.

We’ll assign you a handful of stocks and we’ll want you to conduct your own in-depth analysis of them. In your final week, you’ll present your findings to a group of Portfolio Managers, Directors of Research and Analysts.

Our internships are formal 12-week programmes targeted towards students in their penultimate year of study. Your experience with Fidelity will start a few months before your internship begins. We’ll pair you up with a ‘buddy’ – an Analyst like you, who has gone through a similar internship programme. Your buddy will be able to provide valuable advice on how to maximise your intern experience.