National Events

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Down-To-Business Luncheon/Dinner

The Down-to-Business Luncheon / Dinner (‘DBL/DBD’) is the highlight of the FMAA calendar. The DBL/DBD is the largest professional and formal event hosted by a student association in Australia, complementing the promotion of both internship and graduate programs.

The event commences with an informal networking session followed by a formal sit-down, two- or three-course luncheon with a sponsor firm. Each table comprises of three representatives from a sponsor firm and seven students who have indicated an interest in that firm.

The DBL/DBD has a reputation of being “one of a kind”, facilitating high levels of interaction between career-minded students and prospective employers. Our members can delve deeper into issues specific to the firm of their choice and at the same time, the firms can come to know those individual personalities and appreciate the issues facing graduates entering the workforce. The event is strongly supported by the respective Universities in each State. The DBL/DBD also never fails to impress by providing a first-class guest speaker within the business community.

The DBL/DBD provides our members with a level of interaction and exposure that cannot be offered or matched by any other student society or career event. A very significant amount of effort, time and resources is devoted to ensuring that the DBL/DBD remains the undisputed career event highlight of the year for both sponsors and students


Corporate Cocktails

The Corporate Cocktails (‘CC’) is the first formal and premier event on the FMAA calendar. The CC is a formal networking function that also serves as an unparalleled information-gathering opportunity, promoting industry awareness among students and allowing them to engage firms throughout the evening in a relaxed manner.

The CC never fails to attract excellent responses from, and generate strong rapport with, all parties involved. Our members mingle with industry professionals and sponsor firms in a non-competitive, social setting where canapés and beverages are served. The event also features an address from an eminent guest speaker within the business community.

Hosted in March/May during the peak graduate recruitment period, the CC provides our members with the opportunity to explore the career opportunities available in various commerce-related fields and gain an insight into the recruitment processes adopted by each firm in attendance.

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Financial Services Evening

Formerly the Investment Banking Internship Information Evening, the newly branded Financial Services Evening is strategically timed to assist students in the internship application processes and increase students’ awareness in the financial services industry.

Many students are under the false impression that ‘Investment Banking’ is all there is to large well-known financial services firms like the Macquarie Group. These firms in fact have different business divisions and groups of which offer various career opportunities for different levels of expertise.

The Financial Services Evening runs presentations on the various divisions and industry groups in the financial services sector. As well as providing you with information on the different career opportunities available in the financial services industry, it is an invaluable opportunity to network with employers of the highest calibre who always have an eye out for keen and interested students in finance.

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Professional Services Evening

Encompassing what is traditionally known as ‘accounting’ firms, this event will run in close proximity to internship closing dates with a view to increasing industry awareness and explaining the application process to students.

The term ‘accounting’ is somewhat misleading when it comes to describing the services these firms offer. The Professional Services Evening aims to highlight the additional areas of advice provided by firms such as the Big 4 and mid-tier firms, all of which employment opportunities are offered in. Advisory, tax consulting and risk management are some examples that extend the array of services offered by these firms.

Like the Financial Services Evening, the Professional Services Evening involves division- and industry-specific presentations from professionals in this sector. In addition, specific advice will be provided on the application process as well as the opportunity to network with potential employers and other equally motivated students.

The Monash University Professional Services Evening will have a greater focus on the Financial Services Divisions of the aforementioned Professional Services Firms.

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Professional Development Workshops

Our Professional Development (‘PD’) events involve interactive workshops and information seminars, designed to engage and empower our members with the tools to excel during the graduate and vacation recruitment processes. PD workshops aim to provide students with the opportunity to professionally develop the skills and attributes to differentiate themselves from other potential job candidates and gain a competitive edge in an increasing competitive job-hunting market.

Resume and Cover Letter Writing Workshop

  • Format and content for cover letters and resumes
  • How to make your application stand out
  • What employers are looking for in applications
  • What to include and not include in your application
  • Overall tips for a successful application

Mock Interviews

  • Presentation on effective interviewing techniques and how to succeed in competency-based interviews
  • 20 minute mock interview with a nominated sponsor firm
  • 10 minute feedback session with a nominated sponsor firm

Mock Group Assessment Centres

  • Presentation on group assessment centres
  • Allocated in a group of 5 students, your group will be given a case study to work through and prepare a presentation
  • Your group will present to representatives of the sponsor firm who will provide feedback on your team’s presentation skills

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Information Sessions & BBQs

Sponsor information sessions and BBQs are run throughout the academic year. Students are invited to learn more about future employers and the various division groups in a relaxed manner where they can have all their questions answered.

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Competitions and Case Studies

As much as you can learn from lectures and textbooks, nothing beats real life experience. Short of an internship, competitions and case studies provide you with invaluable opportunities to work on a live deal or business case and to demonstrate your skills to high profile firms. Remember that the more involved you are, the more likely employers will recognise your name and face!

  • FMAA National Management Consulting CaseCompetition
  • UBS Investment Banking Competition
  • JPMorgan ‘Trading Places’ Portfolio Competition
  • Management Consulting Case Study Competition
  • ICAA Student Challenge Competition
  • CFA Global Investment Research Challenge
  • FMAA Monash FX trading competition