The complete and final rules will be provided upon release of the case.

You will be presented a series of securities, one or more of which may be open to you for insights. You will be asked to justify your chosen outlook for relevant constituent securities and your investment strategy. It is recommended that you conduct outside research as to the most rational approach and deliver these findings in a manner that is comprehensive and engaging.

It is against the rules to contact subject companies in attempts to gain solutions to the case.

This Competition Case will form the basis of the Campus Heats. An extension to the same case will form the basis for each State Finals. A more exhaustive level of analysis is expected as competitors progress.

Please note that discussion of competition details and related materials is strictly limited to the members of individual teams. Teams must work independently and must not consult personal contacts or industry professionals for guidance or advice. Information must also be derived from publicly available sources only.

The FMAA is able to provide general clarification on the case but will not assist you in constructing or presenting your findings.


At the Campus Heats, team’s submission will be supported by a formal presentation consisting of:


Presentations will be considered on a range of criteria, including, but not limited to:


The submission deadline will fall on Wednesday, 21 March 2018.


Competition Timeline
Thursday 15 March, 9:00PM – Team registration deadline
16 March – Campus Heats case released
21 March – Campus Heats submission
22 March – Campus Heats
28 March – State Finals & Networking Event


For any queries, please contact the FMAA Competitions Committee at [email protected].