University of Sydney

Position Name Degree Email
President Lisa Wang B Commerce/Law
Vice President – Operations Brett He B Commerce/Law
Vice President – Sponsorship Adam Fifield B Commerce (Liberal)
Treasurer Arielle Stone B Commerce/Law
Secretary Jonathan Tan B Commerce/Law
Events Director Jenny Chen B Commerce/Law
Marketing Director Erica Liu B Commerce (Liberal)
IT Director Dawen Lin B Commerce/Law
Sponsorship Directors Aayush Patel B Commerce
Alexander Orsmond B Commerce/Law
Anthony Yao B Commerce/Law
David Conrad B Commerce/Engineering
Jaydon Zhao B Commerce/Law
Joseph Shen B Commerce/Engineering
Melissa Martin B Commerce/Law
Michael Zinonos B Commerce (Liberal)
Nicholas Addison B Commerce
Nicholas Skerritt B Commerce (Liberal)
Nimalan Sundaram B Commerce/Law
Tiffany Wu B Commerce/Law

Interested in joining our committee?

FMAA at The University of Sydney recruits students for our sub-committee during O-Week and the first 3-4 weeks of Semester 1 each year. A link to the online nomination form will be posted in March 2015 and will be advertised to all first-year commerce students via lecture and online announcements. Students can also apply at our promotional marquee outside of the Merewether building every weekday from 12pm-2pm in the first 3-4 weeks of Semester 1. For more information, please email

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