University of Queensland

Position Name Degree
President Manny George B Advanced Finance and Economics
Vice President – Operations Annabelle Van der Jagt B Advanced Finance and Economics
Vice President – Sponsorship Alysha Zimmerman B Commerce/Law
Treasurer Samantha Scheid B Commerce/Business Management
Secretary Samantha Jenkins B Advanced Finance and Economics
Events Director Oliver Darwin B Commerce/Law
Marketing Director Rene Arunarakumaren B Commerce/Law
IT Director Ravi Lakhani B Commerce/Business Management
Diversity Director Josh Kong B Engineering/Commerce
Sponsorship Directors
Amany Cummins B Commerce/Economics
Jack Hardy B Commerce/Law
Alex Harris B Commerce/Economics
Andrew Kilner B Advanced Finance and Economics
Pranav Nagarkar B Economics/science
Pranav Venkatachalam B Advanced Finance and Economics
Lisa Anich B Commerce/Law
Henry Fraser B Commerce/Economics
Fergus Geary B Commerce/Law
Dylan Houghton B Commerce/Law
Jack Howard B Commerce/Economics
Julian Kumarapeli B Advanced Finace/Economics
Patrick MacGinley B Commerce/Economics
Isaac Naumann B Commerce/Economics
Max O’Donnell B Advanced Finance and Economics
Lulu Scott-Young B Commerce/Arts
Tom Stewart B Engineering/Commerce
Olivia Sun B Advanced Finance and Economics
Marie To B Advanced Finance and Economics
Dan Young B Commerce/Economics

Interested in joining our committee?

FMAA Brisbane recruits students for its Executive Committee (position-holders) at the AGM. Some Sub-Executive Committee positions may also be filled after the AGM. Those remaining positions will be filled the following year, in March. Information about the Executive Committee and Sub-Executive Committee and instructions explaining how to apply will be made available to members via email and on our website well in advance of both the October and March elections.

Applications for 2017 Sub-Executive Committee are now closed. Further applications will take place in Semester 1.

For more information, please email Annabelle Van der Jagt (Vice President of Operations) at [email protected]