University of New South Wales

Position Name Degree
President Daniel Tedesco B Commerce/Economics
Vice President – Operations Claire Li B Commerce/Economics
Vice President – Sponsorship Mario Goebl B Commerce
Treasurer Eddy Wang B Commerce/Law
Secretary Lucy Li B Commerce/Law
Events Director Jenny Wang B Commerce/Law
Marketing Director Monica Jovanov B Commerce/Law
IT Director Andrew Chen B Commerce/Compsci
Publications Director Hannah Lee B Commerce/Actl
Sponsorship Directors


Arslan Mustafa B Engineering
Eamonn Poon B Commerce/Law
Jennifer Liu B Commerce/Actl
Kristy Yee B Actl (Co-op)
Laura Bui B Commerce/Media
Phynia Hong B Commerce (Co-op)
Sam Eaton B Commerce (Co-op)
Simon Yang B Actl (Co-op)
Stephen Melhuish B Commerce (Co-op)
Uddhav Bhargava B Commerce
William Lin B Commerce

Interested in joining our committee?

FMAA at The University of New South Wales recruits students for our sub-committee during O-Week and the first 3-5 weeks of Semester 1 each year. A link to the online nomination form will be posted in March 2018 and will be advertised to all first-year commerce students via lecture and online announcements. For more information, please email [email protected].